It was a prolonged pit stop, Kim Lovely, 58, Galmey, Mo., wasn’t expecting. On the last leg of an October 2014 Colorado road trip to visit her daughter, Lovely stopped to refuel in Peculiar. She had enjoyed traveling from Breckenridge with faithful four-legged travel companions, Cooper and Buck, who eagerly awaited Lovely’s return from the convenience store. As she returned to the car and reached for the door handle, Lovely suddenly collapsed by the fuel pumps, falling to her knees. A customer found Lovely on the ground and asked the attendant to call 9-1-1. Peculiar Police Officer Eva Kimberlin was first to respond to the 911 call and started administering CPR. Peculiar EMS arrived and, continuing CPR and compressions, transported Lovely to Belton Regional Medical Center. Lovely was diagnosed in the hospital’s Emergency Room by Billy Wyatt, M.D., Emergency Room Physician with major cardiac arrest—a sudden, unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness—and was transferred to Research Medical Center where she had surgery and spent two weeks in ICU.