Belton Regional Medical Center
November 02, 2015

WHO: Patient Brett Parsons, ER and Trauma Physician and Neurologist/Surgeon, nurses and EMS crew

WHAT: Great Save

WHEN: 9 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015

WHERE: Belton Regional Medical Center Cafeteria


WHY: Peculiar, Mo., resident Brett Parsons, who wasn’t expected to live following a dramatic 8-foot fall from scaffolding at his late father’s chiropractic office—will express his gratitude to the team that delivered him from the brink of death during a Nov. 10 Great Save ceremony. Thirty-five year old Parsons, a massage therapist, suffered severe head injuries while performing remodeling work at Parsons Chiropractic on Aug. 12. “Although I don’t remember most of the first 48 hours following the accident, my wife, Kimberly, told me that the First Responders who arrived on the scene were amazed I survived the fall,” Parsons says.  “The physicians, surgeons and nurses said it was an absolute miracle.”

Parsons was transported by Peculiar EMS to Belton Regional Medical Center (BRMC)—part of HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s leading healthcare provider—where he was stabilized by the ER team, including Rebecca Wilson, M.D., and ER Nurse Practitioner Melissa Wren, Cindy Smith, RN. Cardiologist Elizabeth Dang, M.D., performed EKGs and tech CT Kristin Woodhouse, performed CT scans. BRMC Trauma Surgeon Robert Troiani, M.D. arranged for an ambulance to take Parsons to Research Medical Center, also part of HCA Midwest Health, where Neurosurgeon Geoffrey Blatt, M.D. performed surgery.   

“The collaborative team effort to save my life, beginning with the Peculiar EMS crew, is astounding,” Parsons says, adding, “there were a lot of professionals involved who did their jobs. The Lord is taking care of my family, too.”

Parsons, still on a journey of recovery, has returned to work on a limited basis.

“This Great Save is a celebration of life that demonstrates the skill, collaboration and compassion of all those involved in patient care at Belton Regional Medical Center,” says Dr. Wilson. “We are honored and humbled to be recognized by Brett.”

“Great Saves are important—they allow us to recognize the First Responders we partner with daily in emergency healthcare situations with patients such as Brett,” says Todd Krass, Chief Executive Officer, Belton Regional Medical Center. “His remarkable recovery following a traumatic accident is an excellent example of how we value our relationship with EMS—they are dedicated to helping save lives, just as our healthcare teams throughout the hospital are committed to delivering high-quality, compassionate care.”