Belton Regional Medical Center
February 15, 2012

Research Belton Hospital a Level III Trauma Center

Photo - Trauma Certification Team: Carol Creek, RN; Kevin Livingston, Belton EMS; David MacRae, MD; Robert Troiani, MD; Kat Ruckdeschel, RN; Karen Lee, CNO and Todd Krass, CEO.

Research Belton Hospital was recently designated as a Level III Trauma Center by the Missouri Department of Health And Senior Services, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. With this designation, Research Belton Hospital is the only Trauma Level III Trauma Center in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The designation means that Research Belton Hospital has met stringent criteria for providing comprehensive care for trauma patients from admission to rehabilitation. A Level III Trauma Center validates that Research Belton Hospital has the expertise and resources available to provide the best possible care to trauma patients.

To receive this designation, the Missouri Department of Health And Senior Services performed a comprehensive review of the health system which included an observation of the Emergency Department, Imaging Services, the nursing units, and an evaluation of administrative leadership. Additionally, the survey team looked at the hospital’s commitment to community outreach programs, specifically trauma prevention. The Survey Team commended Research Belton Hospital on its strong relationship with their EMS services and enthusiasm towards growth and improvement of their services.

“By pursuing the Level III Trauma designation and by exceeding the statewide standards, we are continuing our commitment to provide high-quality health care for the community we serve” stated Todd Krass, CEO of Research Belton Hospital.

Research Belton Hospital Emergency Services houses board-certified physicians and highly-trained nurses who have logged countless hours of medical education and trauma certifications. To meet requirements set by the Missouri Department of Health And Senior Services, all team members of the Emergency Department must have certifications including Advance Trauma Life Support or Trauma Nursing Core Course, and Emergency Pediatric Nursing Course. In addition, Research Belton Hospital named Robert Troiani MD, General Surgeon as the Medical Director for the Trauma Program.

“Being designated as a Level III Trauma Center underscores our dedication to the community,” added Douglas Bradley, MD from Belton Family Practice and Vice President of Medical Affairs for Research Belton Hospital. “Our HCA Midwest Health system is able to meet our patients’ needs on a daily basis and allows us to keep more patients closer to home.”

The Trauma Level III designation of Research Belton Hospital enables the citizens we serve to have the best care available in Northern Cass and Southern Jackson County.

About Trauma Designations

A trauma designation is an accreditation based on recommendations by a survey team of health professionals utilizing standardized established criteria for trauma centers. The Missouri Trauma System identifies hospitals as trauma care facilities by using four levels: Comprehensive (Level I), Major (Level II), General (Level III) and Basic (Level IV).

Level 1 Trauma Centers are major hospitals providing leadership and total care for every aspect of a traumatic injury from prevention through rehabilitation, including research. Level II Trauma Centers provide the initial definitive trauma care regardless of the severity of injury but differs from Level I in teaching and research capability. Level III Trauma Centers provide assessment, resuscitation, stabilization, and emergency surgery and arranges transfer to a level I or II for definitive surgical care. Lastly, Level IV Trauma Facilities provide stabilization and advanced trauma life support prior to patient transfer to a Level I or II.